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19 Lunar Impact Candidates

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We are a group of 3 swiss amateur astronomers involved in detection of meteoroid impacts on the Moon. Marco Iten is an enthousiastic observer and is active since several years. Andrea Manna begun observations in 2013. Raffaello Lena is an italian observer. He lives in Rome but he is also part of our group. All detections were published in several issues of SELENOLOGY TODAY. Some reports were published as print-only-abstracts in LPSC: 1012(2012)1009(2014)

We begun our survey in 2009 and spent the first two searching years without detections. We captured the first impact candidate when we modified our procedure of scanning and the aperture of one instrument. At the beginning of 2011 we changed from a 20cm to a 28cm Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope.

Our observatories are located 13km apart. Not very far, but enough to discriminate for possible glints of very high satellites.

When the phase of the Moon is good, we observe every possible evening/morning. We observed so far for 90 hours at the evening (past new moon) and for 114 hours at the morning (pre new moon). The rate of detected impact candidates at waxing is 1 every 10h; at waning 1 every 28h.

In several time windows we observed with only one instrument. In those periods we detected some candidates with the characteristics of true impacts but they were not confirmed by a second instrument. We saved those data for future analysis and possible crosschecks with other observers.

We couldn't reach our results without the valuable help of various people: Raffello Lena, George Varros and Peter Gural. We thank them very warmly.

The list of the candidates is reaching now 19:


19: 2014 March 6, 18:56:10UT (report will follow)

18: 2014 January 7, 18:19:31UT (report will follow)

17: 2013 December 8, 19:15:58UT (report will follow)

16: 2013 December 7, 19:31:06UT (report will follow)

15: 2013 August 1, 03:07:10UT (report will follow)

14: 2013 August 1, 02:21:55UT (Report in Selenology Today 33)

13: 2012 December 16, 17:23:30UT (Report in Selenology Today 31)

12: 2012 November 20, 16:59:28UT (Report in Selenology Today 31)

11: 2012 March 28, 21:02:48UT (Report in Selenology Today 31)

10: 2012 March 28, 18:29:56UT (Report in Selenology Today 31)

9: 2012 February 26, 18:10:54UT (Report in Selenology Today 31)

8: 2011 December 19, 02:27:45UT (Report in Selenology Today 28)

7: 2011 November 21, 05:25:22UT (Report in Selenology Today 28)

6: 2011 October 21, 04:32:34UT (Report in Selenology Today 25)

5: 2011 October 21, 03:36:57UT (Report in Selenology Today 25)

4: 2011 April 10, 19:47:02UT (Report in Selenology Today 24)

3: 2011 April 10, 19:28:00UT (Report in Selenology Today 24)

2: 2011 April 09, 20:52:44UT (Report in Selenology Today 24)

1: 2011 February 11, 20:37:00UT (Report in Selenology Today 23)


Here more informations.


Image credit (C) Marco Iten.

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